Fridays are the most popular moving day, but is it the BEST day to plan your move? 

Everything Depends on the Day You Choose

Selecting your moving day can seriously impact the overall plan. Everything depends on the day you choose, from the best moving resources to moving service costs. 

So should you move on a weekend or a weekday? We’ve got some quick and simple tips that’ll help you choose the best day to plan your move. 

How to Choose the Best Day to Plan Your Move

Although weekends are the most popular days of the week, it may not be the best day to move a house. How will you decide? Here are a few things to consider.

Is Friday a Good Day to Move?

Based on the data, Fridays are the most preferred day to move. Why? Homeowners usually take Friday off, giving them an extended weekend to unpack, settle into their new house, and manage crucial post-move tasks. 

Relocating is not just packing and moving your items from one place to another. It also involves other important tasks such as move cleaning, pre-move cleaning, buying essentials, unpacking, and getting your new place in order. For this reason, Friday moves allow more time to manage these things. 

But, this also means that Fridays are the busiest day for moving companies making it harder to get the best moving service near you. Lower availability may also mean higher service fees. Therefore, Fridays may not be the best day to plan your move, especially if you are moving a large home and paying for the moving fees out of your own pocket. 

Is a Weekend Move Better?

The next popular time to move is over the weekendSaturday or Sunday. Moving over the weekend is preferred by some homeowners because they don’t have to take the day off from work. And if an extra day is needed, they can extend it into Monday and take leave from work that day. 

Since weekends are still popular moving days, book early. Moving services are often booked over weekends, especially during peak moving seasons. You will need to schedule your move well in advance. 

Is Monday the Best Time to Plan Your Move?

Mondays are considered the third most popular moving day. Benefits of moving on a Monday include

Mondays aren’t a bad choice, especially if you have many items to move and plan to pack some yourself. But be sure to plan ahead and book the mover you want for the date you want. 

Mondays also work well for DIY moves. 

How About a Mid-Week Move?

Mid-week (Tuesday-Thursday) moves can be very beneficial if you can’t get a Friday, weekend, or Monday move because of availability or your moving schedule. 

Although you may have to take time away from work, a mid-week move may be the right choice. By choosing the middle of the week, you’ll have easy access to your top choice of moving services. You can also expect more competitive pricing. 

Pro-Tip! If you have to choose between moving on Monday or Thursday, choose Thursday. That way, you can take Friday off and get an extended weekend to unpack and settle in. 

Choose the Best Movers for Your Move

Which day you choose as your moving day can significantly impact the overall moving process. From finding the right moving company to how many days you’ll need to take off from work, choosing the best day to plan your move is important. 

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Which day do you think is the best day to move–Fridays, Weekends, Monday or a Thursday?