Planning to move soon? We’ve got some great packing hacks for you. Or call a professional moving company if you need help packing. 

Moving is a part of life. And when you’ve been in one place for a long time, packing can seem extra daunting. That’s why we put together this list of ways to pack faster, reduce the workload, and make the process go a bit smoother with these tips. 

Getting Prepared

The best way to pack is to start early. So let’s get you started on the right foot. 

First, figure out the logistics. 

Will you DIY move or need help packing from the pros? If hiring a moving company, start getting quotes eight weeks before your move and nail down whom you’ll use by week seven. 

Second, create a moving checklist. 

You’ll need a guide to get you through the process leading up to moving day. Staying organized will help reduce moving stress

Third, set a budget.

Moving can be expensive. Avoid sticker shock by figuring out how much you can expect to spend. Here’s a packing calculator to make it easy. 

Fourth, plan out packing supplies. 

Figure out how many packing supplies you’ll need so that you get it on the first run to the store. 

Now that you’re prepared let’s get you packing!

Top Packing Hacks for a Smoother Move

If you need help packing, these tips will make it easier and save you time. Here are some of our top packing hacks for a smoother move. 

Packing for the Move

  • Set up a surface for a packing station
  • Keep the packing supply list unpacked until the very end
  • Use linens, towels, and other soft items as padding for breakables
  • Pack items in suitcases
  • Set up boxes for packing, only as needed
  • Color-code boxes per room
  • Write room destinations on boxes
  • Mark fragile boxes
  • Take photos of the contents in the boxes
  • Put together a moving bag with your essentials
  • Keep any hardware in plastic bags and label them

Living Room Hacks

  • Inventory valuable electronics (Keep a list) 
  • Gather product manuals and secure them in one bag
  • Backup computer harddrives
  • Photograph the back of your TV connections
  • Remove bulbs from lamps

Bedroom Hacks

  • Don’t empty your dresser drawers
  • Leave clothes on hangers
  • Roll, don’t fold clothes
  • Use large outdoor garbage bags
  • Keep fitted sheets on mattresses to keep them clean

Kitchen Hacks

  • Use pots to hold small items
  • Pack plates vertically or use foam pouches 
  • Use laundry baskets for small appliances
  • Stack pots and pans in the box
  • Pack stemware in boxes with dividers
  • Wrap your utensil tray with plastic wrap
  • Use dish towels to wrap knives
  • Defrost and clean your fridge a day or two before the move
  • Pack liquids together in plastic bins

Dining Room Hacks

  • Disassemble lamps
  • Wrap lamp shades separately
  • Plastic wrap table leaves
  • Roll area rugs
  • Fold curtains and drapes
  • Use the right boxes for mirrors and framed artwork

Bathroom Hacks

  • Pack necessities last
  • Keep a first aid kit handy
  • Wrap spillable items in plastic wrap
  • Use sealable plastic bags for small items
  • Line boxes with towels or garbage bags
  • Wrap fragile items in towels
  • Pack unused towels in garbage bags or heavy boxes
  • Use an egg carton to transport jewelry

Packing hacks are all about making things easier on yourself. Follow the ones above, and maybe your move won’t be as bad as you expected. 

Let’s Get You Packing

The best packing hack is to let the pros handle it. RL Maxon Moving offers full-service moving. We do the packing, loading, moving, and unpacking in your new place. Our team of professionals is here to help you pack without all the stress. Contact us today for a FREE quote. 479.756.0850