Moving family heirlooms? Here’s how to keep them safe.

Top Tips for Keeping Family Heirlooms Safe During a Move

The age-old tradition of passing down treasured family heirlooms to the next generation is important. It helps us to remember the past. Reminds us of the legacy passed down to us. And causes us to be thankful.

But how can we protect them when it’s time to move? Use these top tips for moving family heirlooms.

#1 Keep Them with You

If possible, the best way to know for sure that your special items are to keep them with you during the move. We recommend transporting them in your vehicle instead of the moving truck.

#2 Let Your Movers Know

If you can’t transport the heirlooms in your vehicle because of size, let your movers know that you have items requiring special care. They can take extra precautions to ensure it’s properly packed and transported.

#3 Take Pictures of the Pieces

Before moving family heirlooms, take pictures of the items from multiple angles. Photographs will help prove the original condition should damage occur during the move.

#4 Give the Heirloom to Family

Sometimes the best option is not to move heirlooms pieces at all. Instead, consider giving them to another family member. Be clear if you expect to get it back later or if it’s permanently theirs.

#5 Hire Movers When Moving Family Heirlooms

Enlist the help of movers who are equipped and more knowledgeable at transporting larger family heirlooms or bulky items like pianos or furniture. Look for companies that specialize in moving pianos or large specialized items.

A lot goes into the decision to move. And transporting your home and precious possessions, so they arrive intact and in great condition is a top priority. And making certain sentimental items arrive safely is even more important. Keep your family heirlooms safe during your next move with the professionals at RL Maxon Moving. We treat everything we move as if it’s a piece of china or your most precious heirlooms. 479.756.0850