College move-in day is almost here! It’s time to prepare. 

9 College Move-In Day Tips

Every school has rules and traditions surrounding move-in day. But some things are universal. So here are some tips we’ve compiled to help make it smoother. 

Check the Paperwork

Remind your college student to reread everything the residence office sent about housing. Pay particular attention to check-in times, locations, banned items, and move-in day procedures. Also, double-check that you have all the necessary forms (health reports, their student ID number, etc.) to reduce stress. 

Pack Lightly

There’s a much bigger risk of parents sending too much stuff—not too little. So, pack the basics rather than piling the car high with items they may never use. Then let them order what they find they need later online or grab it from a local retailer. 

Limit Tagalongs

It’s tempting to invite the whole family for the big day. But moving into dorms is chaotic. The halls are cramped, and the stairways and elevators are crammed full. Limit tagalongs and plan for everyone to visit on the family weekend instead. 

Plan Visits and Meetings 

Depending on your student’s needs, schedule time to visit the financial aid office, disability services, health services, or even the freshman dean. Make appointments to avoid long lines if you need to have any of these meetings. 

Scout the Area Before Move-In Day

Do a little reconnaissance work and find the local drugstores, big box stores, grocery stores, and lunch spots in case you need any of these things. 

Bring Cleaning Supplies

Bring some paper towels, disinfecting wipes, and surface cleaner in case the room is dirty or the closet or drawers need to be cleaned before you fill them. Pack them last, so they are not buried under things you don’t need yet.  

Inspect the Dorm Room 

Do a thorough inspection before you move everything in. Mark off (and take pictures) any problem areas, such as things that are chipped, broken, or stained, on the room inspection list. Otherwise, when the move-out day rolls around, you could wind up paying for existing damage. Also, check mattresses for rips, stains, or signs of bedbugs before you bring anything into the room. 

Stock up on Command Hooks® 

The top tip from parents who have “gone before us” when moving kids into college is to have lots of Command Hooks®, especially if you’re moving them into a dorm room. Holes larger than push pins can lead to extra expenses in damage charges. 

These nifty hooks safely use vertical space for hanging towels, coats, jewelry, bags, and more. 

Note: Check the “residence life” section of the college website to see if these are allowed. 

Relish the Moment

College move-in is a big day for your college student and family. Amid all the craziness, relish the moment. While your teen may want to rush to embark on their new adventure, and you are ready to get back on the road, take a moment to share some final thoughts or advice. They don’t realize it right now, but they will reminisce one day about this important milestone. 

Oh! And don’t forget the tissue. 

Let’s Get Moving!

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