Throw a Packing Party for your Next Move!

Packing up your home and moving to a new city can be a strenuous and lonely endeavor. Not only are you working to fit years of collected memories into a few boxes but possibly leaving behind friends and family who have been a part of your everyday routine. 

So, plan some extra togetherness while getting your belongings packed. Send out the invites, stock the fridge with beverages, and keep your favorite pizza place on speed dial. You may even want to throw some brownies or chocolate chip cookies in the oven. 

Make a plan:

Write out a list of goals to meet before the move. Certain tasks you’ll want to complete in the days before your guests arrive. Your friends will be there to help but you don’t want them doing all the heavy lifting. Placing a checklist in a central location where everyone has access will keep you moving quickly and efficiently. Plus, it’s always a good feeling when you can cross a task off your list.

Get organized:

Declutter before you pack. We all accumulate more stuff than we’ll ever use in a lifetime so why not clear out the closets and garage before the move. Donate, throw away, or give away. This will reduce the time it takes to pack but you will also start off in your new home with a clean slate. No trash or unnecessary items included.

Prep the packing supplies:

Before your guests arrive, put together a supply station. You may even want more than one so everyone is spread throughout the house and not running into each other. Boxes, tape, labels, markers, etc. If you make them easily accessible for everyone the operation will run smooth. Also, consider taping up boxes ahead of time or assign someone to build them on the spot. This will eliminate time and keep the stations from getting jammed up with everyone having to build their own. 

Ready. Set. Go:

Checklist. Check. Packing stations ready. Check. Pizza ordered. Check. Assignments made. Check. Don’t be all work and no play. You want your time together to be fun and memorable. Have a packing contest, karaoke competition, or a dance off. Turn up the music and enjoy the process. 

It’s a wrap:

Goodbyes are always hard but combining a packing and going away party gives you a sense of accomplishment and hiring a professional moving company to deliver all of your belongings to your new home allows extra time with your loved ones. Let RL Maxon give you more time before you leave and handle all of the moving. Call us for a quote so you can spend your time with loved ones.

And don’t forget to thank your friends for all their help and promise to return the favor when needed.