Moving to a new home can be an exciting time, but it can also be expensive. How do you get all of your stuff out of your current home and into your new place without dropping a ton of money in the process? Save money on moving costs and keep stress low using these strategies.

Plan an Off-Season Move

One of the simplest ways to save money on moving costs is to choose the right date. The peak time for professional moving companies runs from May to August. Scheduling your move during their off-season can make all the difference when it comes to cutting costs. If possible, plan your move out-of-season (between October and April) to save some cash.

Also, if possible, opt for a mid-week or mid-month move and you might shave off a few dollars. Demand for moving services tends to wain mid-week and mid-month.

Do You Really Need That?

Moving is the perfect time to toss things you don’t need or want. By eliminating unused and unnecessary belongings, your move will weigh less making the relocation less expensive when hiring a moving company. Plus, you’ll save time and money in packing expenses. Donating is a great way to clean out and give back to your local community.

Here’s a list of places to donate.

Creatively Pack

Luggage and duffel bags are perfect for packing sheets, towels, and clothing. Also, the bottoms of wardrobe boxes are excellent for bulky, lightweight items.

Note: While bubble wrap is preferred for breakable items, you could also consider using newspaper or coffee filters to wrap items.

Break it Down

Most items like beds that need disassembling can be done by the mover. However, some items such as exercise equipment and playsets require extra labor and will cost you more to break down. Whenever possible, disassemble and assemble these yourself.

Find Your Own Packing Supplies

While you may still have to purchase some packing supplies, the more you can find on your own, the better.

Here are some great alternatives to purchasing boxes:

  • Ask friends who have recently moved or post a request on your social media networks.
  • Empty boxes from your office or workplace such as printer-paper boxes are strong and large enough for most items.
  • Check with local office supply stores and department stores.

Research the Cost of DIY vs Professional Services

Don’t automatically assume that hiring movers will be more expensive than moving yourself. While rental truck looks like a good deal, too many DIYers discover that they put a lot of sweat and money into a move only to realize they’ve spent more on a rental truck than they would’ve on professional movers. Call around and get quotes for moving services before deciding to DIY your move.

Save Money on Moving Costs

When used in tandem, these strategies can save you a ton of money when moving, keeping the costs low and making the entire move less stressful.

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