With all the planning, packing, and craziness that comes with moving, it can be easy to forget the small things that make a big difference for moving day (and immediate days after). We don’t want you to be the one who gets caught by these nine easily overlooked moving day essentials. So, we made a list.

Basic Cleaning Supplies

Chances are you’ll want to do some cleaning when you arrive at your new place. Even if the previous owners had the place cleaned before you moved in, there might be a few dust bunnies floating around. You also may want to disinfect the bathrooms before using them. Plus, your floors are likely to get dirty as you move in. You’ll thank yourself later for having cleaning supplies handy during the first day of a move.

Clothing Hangers

When packing, load extra clothing hangers into a clear, plastic bin so you can easily spot them. You never know when you’ll want to hang something in a closet in your new place, The last thing you want to do is tear through boxes looking for the hangers, especially if you packed clothes into boxes.


One of the most commonly overlooked items just happens to be one of the most important when it comes to packing. Batteries! Whether it’s a tv controller or smoke detector that won’t stop beeping, you’ll be glad you took our advice on this one.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Don’t forget to toss your toothbrush and toothpaste into your toiletry bag.


Whatever you do, don’t forget your toolkit! The chances are very high that you’ll need it during the first few days for the first week in your new house. While you may not be ready to hang pictures yet, you’ll probably need simple tools on day one such as:

  • Hammer
  • Multiple-Sized Screwdrivers
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pliers
  • Utility Knife

Fire Extinguisher

Safety first! Purchase a new fire extinguisher. You never know when you’ll need one. And, you don’t know if the new location will have one, how old it is, or if it even works.

Toilet Paper

This one might be pretty self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to keep out a few rolls of toilet paper.


Finally, don’t forget your phone or electronics chargers. These things can easily end up getting tossed in a random box. Be sure to grab phone chargers, computer chargers, and any other important charging devices into your personal items.

Overlooked Moving Day Essentials

Remembering to keep these items handy will help you have a more successful and stress-free move. What other essentials for moving day do you recommend?

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