Finding and buying a home is stressful enough, not to mention packing for the move, unpacking, getting acquainted with the new house or city, and prioritizing what projects you want to tackle first. So we put together this quick list of the 8 most important things to do when moving.

It’s almost a new year. If purchasing a house is on your to-do list, you’ll need to know the most important things to do when moving. 

8 Important Things To Do When Moving

With all the preparation that went into moving out, it would seem like you were done. But now it’s time to prepare for moving in! These new home moving tips will help you stay organized and reduce stress. 

Do a Complete Walkthrough

Your new home is empty! There’s no better time to do a complete walkthrough than before moving anything in. Call your realtor immediately if you find an issue that goes against your sale contract. If you discover issues, not on the contract, they are your responsibility now. 

Child or Pet Proof the Home 

If you’re moving into a new house with pets or children, do some initial childproofing to keep everyone safe. Once you get settled, you can do more detailed childproofing and pet-proofing to your home. 

Create an Unpacking Plan

Don’t just “wing it.” Whether you plan to use a professional moving service or do it yourself, you need an unpacking plan. 

You’ll save yourself time and trouble if you have a basic idea of what goes in what room or where you want to place your furniture. You can always make changes. But a general idea will always make the job easier. 

Also, decide what you need to unpack first. Unless you plan to eat out, you might want to consider unpacking important kitchen items first. 

Confirm Utility Set-Up

Hopefully, you set up or arranged to transfer utilities before moving into your new home. On moving day, confirm that your utilities are set up (electric, gas, water, heating and cooling, waste management, phone, and internet). 

Locate Necessary Functions

As the saying goes, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Looking for your fuse box or water valve after an issue isn’t the best time. Here are some items to note as you move in.

  • The location of the circuit breaker, fuse, box, and water valve
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they’re working properly. 
  • Prepare a fire escape route for each member of your family
  • Create a plan of action for natural disasters common to your area (e.g., shelter from tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes).

Deep Clean Before Moving In

Hopefully, the previous owners had the house deep cleaned before you moved in. However, if they didn’t, the best time to do it is while it’s still empty. It may be the last thing you want to do before moving in, but it’ll be worth it if you have the time. 

Secure the New House

Feeling safe in your new home is important. While that means something different to everyone, here are some things to secure your new house is safe.

  • Change the locks
  • Install motion detectors or cameras
  • Use a smart doorbell
  • Install or set up the security system

At the very least, we recommend changing the locks, even if you aren’t concerned about the previous owner. It’s a small expense for a little peace of mind. 

Prioritize Repairs

Unless you’re moving into a new construction home, you’ll likely have some repairs. You should have an idea of what these are from your home inspection. Make a list of what needs to be done in order of importance and set deadlines for completion. 

Moving into a new house can be a bit overwhelming. However, following our tips above will help make the transition easier. It’s a lot to do, so ask for help from friends, family, or a professional moving service like RL Maxon Moving. The sooner you take care of the details, the sooner your house will feel like home. 

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