So you’re moving in together. Now what? Avoid these common mistakes couples make, so you have a smooth transition. 

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Common Mistakes Couples Should Avoid

Before you take the plunge to live together, there are some key conversations to have, steps to take, and transitions to make. 

Mistake # 6 Not Putting Both Names on the Lease

There’s a chance you could break up. While you can’t avoid the heartache from the split, you can avoid the potential financial strain by putting both your names on the lease. This way, if the worst happens, both parties are accountable for the rent should things turn sour. 

Mistake #7 Not Consolidating Your Stuff

You’ll need to downsize and consolidate your belongings when moving in together. Declutter. Decide what to keep, store, sell, donate, or toss all together. Start with the furniture because it’s usually the hardest. 

Mistake #8 Not Dividing Up the Chores Upfront

No one wants to spend all their time arguing over who does what chore in the house. 

Talk about who will take responsibility for what before moving in together and avoid needless conflict later. 

It doesn’t have to be a strict chore list. But do talk about expectations and come up with a plan together.   

Mistake #9 Not Making Space for “Me” Time

Just because you live together now doesn’t mean you should spend all your time together. A common mistake couples make is not discussing “me” time after moving together. Make sure you’re getting enough alone time. 

Similar work schedules could mean you’re home during the same hours. 

Talk about times when you both can have the house to yourselves or opportunities to go out for some personal time alone or with friends. 

Mistake #10 Hiring a Shady Moving Company

Don’t hire the first movers that appear in your Google search. 

Do research. Ask your friends. Compare prices. Check reviews. 

It’s tempting to speed past this step. But don’t! You could regret it. 

Hiring a shady mover because you want to “pick one and be done with it” can cause unnecessary stress at the beginning of what’s supposed to be a happy and exciting adventure together. 

Hire a Dependable Local Mover

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