As a couple, you’ve passed many milestones in the relationship. You’ve taken trips together, survived disagreements, celebrated anniversaries, and maybe even met each other’s family. Now, you are about to hit another, moving in together. 

Moving in together comes with perks, but it’s also a significant transition that comes with challenges many couples struggle with. But you don’t have to be one of them when you avoid these common mistakes. 

Common Mistakes Couples Should Avoid

Study and avoid these common mistakes couples make when moving in together, and you’ll be well on your way to a smooth transition. 

Mistake # 1 Not Discussing Why You’re Moving in Together

Moving in together is a giant step. So, before you sign a lease, talk about why you both want to do it. Why are you moving in together? Be honest

Money and ease should not be your only reasons. What are your future goals and plans for the relationship? Do you see this as a step toward marriage? Again, be honest if you aren’t quite on the same page. 

Mistake #2 Ignoring Red Flags That You Aren’t Ready

Nerves are one thing. It’s natural to be a little nervous about taking such a big step. But there’s a difference between harmless jitters and red flags that point to living together being a terrible mistake. 

Some red flags to consider include:

  • You haven’t spent more than a few nights together consecutively.
  • Discussions about health, money, or other significant issues are uncomfortable. 
  • Your relationship has always been long-distance. 
  • Your lease is expiring, or someone is pressuring you. 
  • You haven’t settled a big argument before or have ongoing ones all the time.
  • There are red flags in the relationship

Assessing if there are red flags and smart planning will help you avoid making a mistake and moving in together before you’re ready. 

Mistake # 3 Not Discussing Finances

Talk about how you will divide up the expenses. Will it be an even 50-50 split? Or will you work it out based on income? 

Mistake #4 Looking for a Place Without a Game Plan

Get real about where you both want to live. Sit down and talk about your ideal area, budget, and must-haves for a place together. 

Mistake #5 Dragging Your Feet on Paperwork

The Bad News: There’s a ton of paperwork in your future. 

The Good News: You can knock some of it out early.  

Before apartment or house hunting, get some key documents such as color copies of your IDs, proof of employment (such as pay stubs), and request a free credit report. Bring these items with you when you head out to look for your perfect place. It will boost your chances of getting that great apartment and alleviate stress in your relationship.

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Hungry for more tips like these? Stay tuned for our next article, where we feature 5 more mistakes to avoid when moving in together.