If your home isn’t ready and you need to leave your current home, you may need to take advantage of temporary storage while moving.

When Temporary Storage While Moving Makes Sense 

No two moves are alike. There are plenty of reasons to use temporary storage while moving. If your moving-out date overlaps with your move-in date, or your home is turn-key ready, you can move right in. 

However, things don’t always work out that smoothly. So when there’s a gap, you need to stage your house for a quicker sale, or you need extra time for deep cleaning or some renovations in the new place, storage becomes necessary.  

Whatever the reason you need to move between moves, temporarily storing your items and timing it well can be a big help. 

Timing Tips for Temporary Storage

Before booking temporary storage while moving, you’ll want to do some prep work. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What date are you vacating your current home and removing your belongings?
  • When can you move all your belongings into the new house?
  • Where will you stay in the interim?
  • What items are you keeping with you, and what are you placing in storage?

With these details ironed out, you can identify your stage needs, request quotes, and schedule your temporary storage.   

How Your Moving Company Can Help

Hiring a moving company can help ease the stress of moving twice. They can help you move into the storage you choose. And when your new house is ready for you and your possessions, they can help you move into your new house. 

Moving involves juggling many tasks. It’s not easy. And if you have to move between moves, it’s even more challenging. A moving company can help make moving (even twice) easier. 

Moving Made Easy!

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