Millennials are on the move! And they move more than previous generations. So why are these young adults moving, and where? Here are a few facts.

Why are Millennials Moving?

The reasons for young adults moving is interesting to analyze. One survey suggests that approximately 51% of young adults move for a new job, while 48% relocate for a new experience or change in lifestyle. About one-third of the demographic move to be further from friends and family, while others move closer to a significant other.

The reasons for moving may vary greatly, but most are attracted to big cities. However, the majority (about 75%) move because of a new job. Most are attracted to big cities, but almost half say that the cost of living or a job market is key to whether a location is desirable or not. One other key factor is that many are moving to states with no income tax.

Where are Millennials Moving in 2020?

The trend used to be that the places to mover were to New York and San Francisco. That’s not so true anymore. It seems that New York ranks at the top for the state most millennials are leaving.

So where are they going then? Staying true to their generation, they’re setting new trends and moving south. Also, a pattern of western migration is trending as well.

The top 10 states attracting millennials

#10 Tennessee

#9 Pennsylvania

#8 Nevada

#7 North Carolina

#6 Arizona

#5 Florida

#4 Georgia

#3 Colorado

#2 Washington

#1 Texas

More than 192, 200 young adults between the ages of 25 and 39 moved to Texas in 2018, while about 138,700 moved out of state. The Lone Star State saw a net migration of around 53,600 millennials, which is more than any other state.

Previous trends about millennials may have been that they’re stationary and tend to stay in their hometowns. However, trends show that’s no longer accurate. Millennials are on the move!

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