Moving with weeks or months to prepare is stressful enough. Packing and unpacking in a hurry, take it to the next level.

Packing and Unpacking in a Hurry Tips

In a perfect world, you have weeks, if not months, to prepare for a move. But you aren’t always fortunate to have that kind of time. 

There’s so much to do when you have to relocate fast. But instead of letting it get you down, let’s work on the task of packing and unpacking in a hurry. We hope that by the end of this article, you will be confident about what comes next. 

Ask for Help

Packing and unpacking in a hurry are possible when you have help. Knowing that someone is there to help can alleviate some of the stress. 

Your first step is to rent a moving truck or contact a moving service to help. Also, ask friends and family to pitch in with packing and moving. Don’t forget to ask for help unpacking too! Extra sets of hands are better than one.

The Plan is There is No Perfect Plan!

When packing and unpacking in a hurry, there isn’t time to plan the perfect move. You will have to work with what you have. Full-service moving can help make it a bit easier. 

Pack everything you don’t regularly use first.

Utilize towels, linens, and clothing to wrap fragile items. Use this trick if you don’t have time to get packing paper or wrap. 

Avoid overpacking boxes. Use plastic containers where you can. They are very handy when having to pack and unpack in a hurry. 

Transfer Utilities ASAP

Pay all the bills and transfer utilities to the new location as soon as possible. Also, cancel any subscriptions and transfer the address for the ones you decide to keep. Don’t forget to let your bank know your new address as well. 

Pack the Emergency Bag

Keep your emergency bag on hand. The last thing you want to do after a whole day or two of packing and unpacking is to try and find the things you need most. Your bag should include

  • Snacks, water, or other beverages
  • Hygiene and personal care items
  • Important documents and bills
  • A change of clothes
  • Chargers, laptops, phone 

This list is general. Pack what’s important to you. 

Toss Unnecessary Stuff

Throw out what’s unnecessary. Toss everything broken, outdated, or not used in a long time. You will save a ton of space in your boxes and containers. Plus, you’ll have less to pack and unpack. 

If you can’t throw something away, donate it or give it to a family member. 

Get Help and Be Ready for Christmas!

Packing and unpacking in a hurry during the holidays is tough but not impossible. You can do anything you set your mind to! And, with a little help from friends, family, and RL Maxon Moving, you‘ll be in your new place and ready in no time!