Are you worried about how to protect your floors when moving? Here are some great tips for you.

13 Tips to Protect Your Floors When Moving

Moving is an expensive affair. Damaged floors due to incorrect or unsafe moving will only put a strain on your budget. Be proactive and avoid costly floor damage with these tips.

  1. Roll up any expensive rugs. Remove them before you begin loading the moving truck.
  2. Never drag furniture on the floor. For lighter furniture such as chairs, use furniture sliders and rubber-wheeled dollies.
  3. Use furniture blankets. Cover the edges of furniture, kitchen appliances, or other heavy items with furniture blankets. The extra padding will soften the impact should you accidentally drop it on the floor. Thick blankets are a good alternative if you don’t have furniture blankets.
  4. Use strong boxes. You don’t want to risk using flimsy boxes that could break open, spilling the contents out onto the floor. Also, make sure to use strong tape and reinforce the bottoms of the boxes.
  5. Consider using furniture sliders for hardwood or tile floors. Be sure to use sliders made of strong plastic or hard rubber. Place a slider under each piece of furniture leg and gently push the item where you want to go.
  6. Get a rubber-wheeled dolly. If you haven’t hired a professional mover, then you’re going to need a dolly with rubber wheels to protect your floors when moving heavy items.
  7. Use doormats for the main door. Doormats prevent you from dragging in dust, water, mud, snow, and other debris that could damage the floor.
  8. Wear shoe covers. Shoe covers will take your floor protection to the next level.
  9. Use old rugs that you don’t mind tossing. Place them along the exit paths to keep water or dirt away from your floors. They’ll also provide extra cushion for hardwood and tile floors should you drop any items.
  10. Purchase neoprene floor runners. Neoprene floor runners are the best line of defense for the floors and carpets in your home. These protective coverings have an anti-slip surface on one side to keep them from shifting as you walk on them.
  11.  Put down self-adhesive carpet film on the main walk areas. Carpet film adds a layer of protection you need. Or use extra boxes you didn’t need or a cheap painter’s drop cloth for the high traffic spots.
  12. Check for muddy spots or puddles before loading begins. If you see any from the truck to the door, set plywood sheets or heavy cardboard over the areas.
  13. Have a spray-on carpet cleaner available on moving day to take care of spots immediately. After all, accidents do happen.

The best way to protect your floors when moving is to hire a professional. Experienced movers use various methods to guarantee your floors and carpets will stay intact and 100% safe during the move.

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