The key to a successful commercial move is an office moving plan. 

Did you know that about 38% of corporations hire professional movers to relocate their business? That’s only 6% less than the average residential client. 

Of that number, 20% hire movers to move computers, copiers, and other office equipment to ensure success. 

Office Moving Plan. The Key to Your Success

Relocating a business or office is the most challenging move you’ll make. You’ll need to plan well. Here are the top five issues you’ll need to keep in mind. 

Loss in Productivity

Plan and accommodate for productivity loss in your schedule. You don’t want to sabotage important business during the move. 

Packing is time-consuming, even with a small team. You’ll need at least a few days to pack, move, and unpack everything, which means productivity loss. 

Solution: Move over the weekend. Weekend moves will, however, cost more. Or you can allow your employees to work remotely during the weekday to reduce costs. 

Space Planning

Plan for the space you are moving to before relocating. 

  • Locate all the electrical and other connections
  • Plan for file storage
  • Chalk out a blueprint of what the new office layout will be

Plan workstations

In short, plan every little detail and make sure there’s enough infrastructure at the new office to accommodate your operations.  

Set a Realistic Budget

Decide on your budget. Consider the cost of your move. Factor in every expense, including productivity loss during the transition period. 

Get quotes from as many movers as possible and compare features before deciding. 


Another major office moving challenge is coordination. Keeping everyone on the same page is difficult. We highly recommend hiring a project manager or delegating one of your trusted, capable staff to head up the project if you can afford it. 

Set the Line Between the New and Old

Plan what you will keep from the old office and what you will replace. Buying everything new will cost you quite a bit of money. However, moving your old furniture creates an unnecessary nuisance. Understand where to draw the line between the old and the new. 

Remember, moving an office is a stressful chore. Be prepared for unexpected situations and emergencies. 

Prepare for the Challenges of Moving Your Office

The key to success is preparation. Get prepared by tackling these five challenges effectively with this office moving plan, and hire the right moving company to ensure success.

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