You may already have a plan for how to keep your pets happy during the journey, but have you considered how you’ll move your botanical friends too? Here are some great strategies for how to move house plants, so they not only survive the long trip to a new home but also thrive.

6 Tips on How to Move House Plants

Prep Your Plants

Prune your plants a few weeks in advance. Remove any dead leaves or branches. One week before the big day, remove dust, pests, or any weeds (if outdoors).

Pack Them in Open Boxes

For across town moving, pack your plants in open boxes. Make sure you use a newspaper for cushioning on the sides of the pots and transport them in your vehicle.

Pack Tall Plants with Sphagnum Moss

If you are moving a taller plant, pack the top of each post with sphagnum moss. Then, wrap each pot in plastic. Tie it with string or tape so you can tip the plant on its side without making a mess and losing all the potting mix.

Treat Them Like Pets for Long-Distance Moves

Moving plants long distances in a car is a bit tricky. It’s especially challenging if you’re making several overnight stops along the way. If you decide to take them with you, treat them like you would a pet. Don’t let them get too hot or too cold. Crack the windows if you plan to leave them in the car for more than an hour and make sure they get enough water.

Ship by Land or Air

You can arrange to have plants shipped by land or air, but it’s an expensive endeavor, and there are no guarantees they’ll survive. Pick out three of your favorite plants to move. Then, have a plant sale before you move and use the money to buy new plants for your new home.

If you choose to ship your plants, here’s how:

  • Remove them from their pots.
  • Trim down the roots and wrap the root ball in a wet towel and then plastic. Secure the whole plant in a sturdy new box with ample newspaper and bubble wrap. Fill every space.
  • Add some weigh to the bottom to keep it upright
  • Send it on its way with plenty of stickers labeled “Fragile,” “Live Plant,” and “This End Up.”

Check State Laws Before Transporting

If you’re moving across state borders, there’s a chance you’ll have to find a new home for your houseplants. The US Department of Agriculture requires inspections of some plants crossing state lines because to prevent the spread of pests and diseases. Also, some states have bans on growing particular plants. For more information, check out the plant protection laws and regulations.

And if you can’t move your house plants…keep a cutting to re-grow them at your new home.

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