Did you know that a piano has over 10,000 moving parts? That’s why moving such a delicate, heavy, and complicated instrument without sustaining damage can be difficult. Professional piano movers are best equipped to move a piano safely. However, if you want to do it yourself, here’s how. 

How to Move a Piano Yourself

If you’re determined to move a piano by yourself, you’ll need the right equipment. Take a look at our checklist to help you move your instrument. 

Measure the New Space

Make sure your piano fits in its new place. Measure the room, doors, and staircases. Ensure there aren’t any obstacles in the path. 

Get the Right Equipment

Pianos are solid and heavy. However, they are sensitive to the slightest bumps and movements. SO make sure you have all the right equipment. You’ll need a piano dolly, straps, and padding. But the specific supplies you’ll need vary according to your piano type. 

Upright Pianos. You’ll need piano dollies.

Grand Pianos. You’ll need a special piece of equipment called a piano board or piano skid board. This board requires additional straps and pads

Verify the Moving Truck Size Needed

Inventory all your items, especially large items like your piano and other furniture. Use it to select the correct size truck for your move. 

Clear a Path 

Make sure you have a clear path to the door where you are moving from and the final destination. If you’re moving a piano down or upstairs, ensure the stairs can handle the weight before starting the move. 

Load the Piano First

Pianos should be the first item loaded into the moving truck. Secure ti with straps and ropes to prevent movement during transportation. 

Retune the Piano

Even when everything goes well, the instrument can go out of tune. Be prepared to have it tuned after the move. Some experts recommend waiting a month before having tuned.  

Mistakes to Avoid

Not that you know how to move a piano safely. Let’s talk about some mistakes to avoid. Don’t 

  • Skimp on help
  • Try to lift the piano without help
  • Rely on your piano’s casters
  • Move too fast

Final Key Points to Moving Pianos

Whether you hire a professional piano mover or choose to move it yourself, make sure you understand all the costs and potential risks. 

The cost of a pro will vary depending on piano size, how far you’re moving it, and whether stairs are involved. However, there are also fewer damage and injury risks when using movers. 

Moving a piano yourself will cost less, no doubt. However, there’s a good chance of damage or personal injury, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. 

Help! I Need to Move a Piano

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