When it comes time to choose a moving date, there are several things to consider such as flexibility, school and work schedules, and volunteer and mover availability.

Choose a Moving Date

Choosing when you move may not always be up to you. For example, you’ve sold your house, but the buyers of your current home have requested a specific date. Maybe your new job in your new location needs you there by a specific time offering little flexibility to choose when you move. However, when you can choose a moving date, here are some good tips to follow.

1. Flexibility

Moving flexibility leads to a more affordable move. For example, you can spend fewer shipping items when you have a flexible delivery window rather than needing a guaranteed delivery date. While moving on the weekend having may be preferable, the flexibility to relocate outside of peak times may save you money and increase moving company availability.

2. School Schedules

Moving is somewhat disruptive to a kid’s schedule. That’s why the summer months are popular for relocating. The downside is that summer (and holiday weekends) are the busiest time of the year for most moving companies. Then, there are other things to consider, like local road closings for events and parades.

If you accept that there’s no “perfect” time to move with kids, it leaves you free to choose dates opening up the opportunity for cheaper moving costs, mover availability, and overall convenience.

3. Work Schedule

Schedule your move around your less busy work at work if possible. If peak moving times are what you have available, be sure to plan so you can line up enough volunteers and lock in the movers you want to use. Unused vacation days also make a good case for summer and fall moves.

4. Volunteer Availability

Do you have friends and family helping you move? Are you planning to have someone watch the kids during the loading stages? If so, you might want to choose a moving date when your friends and family are available to help out.

5. Mover Availablity

If you have the flexibility to choose a moving date and hire professional movers, ask, “what’s the best deal?” They should be able to tell you what dates have the most availability and the varying costs.

Regardless of how much flexibility you have when choosing a moving date, the best tip is that preparing is the most important. The sooner you make a game plan, the smoother the move will be.

Choose a Moving Company

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