Planning a home renovation? One step that tends to get lost amid all the design ideas and remodeling tips is: how will you store your stuff while it’s happening? So we put together some tips to help you prepare for home remodeling.  

Packing Tips to Prepare for Home Remodeling

Renovating a house generates a lot of dust and debris. Before you start, prepare for remodeling by packing your belongings and putting them somewhere safe. 

Toss What You Can Live Without

Think of your renovation as the perfect opportunity to downsize and eliminate clutter in your home. The less you have, the easier and cheaper it will be to store. Begin your packing early and toss the things you can live without or that won’t match the new look when the remodel is complete. 

Choose Your Storage Facility

Not all storage facilities are created equal. Here are some quick tips for choosing where to store your belongings. 

  • Get a climate-controlled facility if possible. It reduces humidity which helps protect your items from damage. If that’s not an option, do not store electronics, mattresses, large appliances, or clothes in the unit. 
  • Choose a business with an excellent reputation and solid policies to protect your items. 
  • Get references or ask people you know. 
  • Tour the facility.
  • Ask questions about their pest control measures. 
  • Inquire about security and facility hours for access to your unit. 

Put Away Heirlooms and Breakables

Keep heirlooms, priceless breakables, delicate glassware, and decor you want to keep safe where you are staying. 

Keep an Inventory List

Make an inventory of important items and if you placed them in storage or left them at the house. It will prevent you from losing track of where things are when you need a specific item. 

Label Absolutely Everything

When you prepare for remodeling, label everything! You have enough on your plate with the renovation. The last thing you want to do is dig through boxes to figure out where it goes when the project is completed. Label each box by room, function, family member, or whatever you need to make it efficient to unpack. 

Don’t Overstuff Boxes

Don’t pack boxes so full that you can barely lift them. Overstuffing can lead to the bottom falling out, breaking what’s inside, or making a huge mess. Keep each box around fifty pounds, or less so they are more manageable. 

Use Quality Boxes

Use sturdy boxes, not flimsy ones that may not hold up to the pressure. We recommend double-ply cardboard boxes. They offer great protection for your items. 

Plastic totes are also an excellent way to store your belongings when remodeling. 

Disassemble When Possible

Disassembling furniture makes it easier to move and store. Place all nuts and screws in a bag, label it, and attach it to the furniture. 

Home Renovations? Let Us Help Pack & Move You

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