Helping elderly parents move into an independent living care community can help bring them closer to family, ensure a safer home environment, and lead to a more active lifestyle.

Helping Elderly Parents Move with Ease

Moving elderly parents can be emotional for everyone, especially if they’re leaving a childhood home. But there are some things you can do to help make it as easy as possible (physically and emotionally) for everyone involved.

Involve Your Parents

Keep your parents involved as you begin to plan the move and downsizing of their life. Remember that it is still their home and their home. Your parents may want to be in control of every aspect. Or they may prefer not to be involved at all. But regardless, the choice is theirs.

Organize and Downsize

Many seniors collect many meaningful things over a lifetime. And downsizing means that they just can’t fit everything in their new space. So, they will have to leave some things behind.

You can make it easier for your parents. Be patient with them and start small. Help them make tough decisions. And gift some of the items to family and friends.

Plan Around Their Needs

Plan transportation around their needs. Many older adults can’t withstand long drives without assistance or stops. Others may require full-service medical transport.

Factor in extra travel time for pit stops and stretching their legs, especially on long road trips.

If flying, consider their mobility by choosing direct flights or special seating accommodations, boarding assistance, and curb-to-gate escort.

For aging parents that need extra help, look into senior-focused transportation companies that offer non-emergency medical transit. They can provide additional needs such as oxygen tanks and wheelchairs.

Start Planning Early

Plan for the moving day early in the process. It will help your parents prepare for the change, but it will also help alleviate stress for everyone.

Discuss the most efficient way to do it. Ask some friends or family to help a few weeks before moving day. Or hire a professional moving company to help. But do that early because summer is the peak moving time for movers.

Explore Senior Relocation Services

Can’t be with your loved one during their moving prep? Consider hiring a senior move manager specializing in downsizing and organizing an aging person’s possessions.

Get Moving Help

All that planning has led to moving day. You want it to go as smoothly and easily as possible. And it can happen when you use RL Maxon Moving services.

Helping elderly parents and families move their belongings is what we do. We carefully pack, load, and unload our items like they were our own. Contact us today for a FREE estimate. 479.756.0850