When you think of long-distance moving, the word “effortless” is probably the last thing that comes to mind. If anything, you’re probably thinking about how interstate moving sounds consuming and stressful.

Not when you hire RL Maxon Moving. Our team of experts takes the stress out of moving long distances. Here are some things you can do to help make your move go seamlessly.


We can take care of packing and moving every item you currently have in your home. However, long-distance moving is an excellent time to get rid of some things and downsize. With less stuff to move, you’ll even save money.

Tip: You could host a garage sale or sell items online and make a little extra cash.

Plan for Arrival

Decide where every item will go before you get to your new home. Don’t rely on square footage. If a printed layout isn’t available, use graph paper and sketch out the new floor plan, including closets, doors, and windows. Then, measure your furniture to plan your layout before you arrive. Taking the time to prepare for your arrival will save money, and the move will go smoother.

Choose What Stays with You

While RL Maxon Moving can handle packing for you, keeping a box or two separated that includes the essentials is wise.

Research Parking Regulations Ahead of Time

When the moving team arrives at your new home or office, you want to make sure they have room to park — moving into an apartment building or high rise? Check ahead of time to see if there are any specific move-in requirements, such as reserving an elevator.

Effortless Long-Distance Moving

The most effortless way to move is to let RL Maxon Moving handle the hard work. We know how to pack and load your items carefully, so they are safe no matter the distance. And when they safely reach your new destination, we unload, unpack, and set your belongings in their proper place – all at lower rates than you may expect.

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