According to Census data from 2007, the average American will move about 11 times in their lifetime. The vast majority of these moves occur between April and September when the weather is warm or mild. Moving in the winter is an entirely different issue, though. The roads can get icy, which makes driving risky. Also, loading and unloading trucks in cold weather aren’t fun, and those are just a few of the issues. While moving in the snow provides a unique set of challenges, it certainly isn’t impossible. There are ways to get it done without too much hassle, and you can always hire local movers if you need help. We’ll offer some other do’s and don’ts in this article.

Do Shovel

Whether you’ve hired professional movers or it’s just you and your friends, the sidewalks and driveways need to be clear. Keep in mind that moving in the snow is an issue of safety. Shoveling the snow on driveways and walkways makes the paths far less slippery, which makes them safer.

You may also want to apply salt to melt any ice that might have accumulated. Not only will this keep you and anybody helping you safe, but it will also keep you out of legal trouble, as people injured due to your negligence are your legal responsibility. 

Do Cover the Floors

The process of moving involves people coming into your old home to gather things and load them onto a moving service truck that will then take them to your new home. For this reason, tracking mud and water onto the floors is a big concern when moving. Not only could someone slip, which might be your fault, but you’ll have to clean it up.

The good news is that covering the floors isn’t difficult. Plastic sheeting is a great way to protect your floors. That isn’t the only way to keep your floors in good shape, either.

The best movers might be willing to offer some advice, so feel free to ask about your floors when first calling a local moving company.

Do Make Sure to Keep Warm

Keeping ourselves warm is one thing, but there are also friends or professional movers wandering around. While it’s not the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure they’ve dressed appropriately for moving in the cold, there are things you can do to keep them warm.

One of these things is to prepare coffee, tea, or other hot drinks for them, so they have a way to warm up as they work. 

Don’t Try to Move on Your Own: Hire Local Movers

Trying to move by yourself may seem like a good idea at first. After all, you don’t have to pay for professional movers. You know you trust the person moving your stuff.

However, as great as it may seem, it’s not a great idea to do it yourself. It’ll take you much longer to move items one at a time. You also don’t have the experience or expertise that a professional mover would have.

This is especially true for long-distance movers, because while moving, in general, is difficult, moving out-of-town, out-of-state, or further is much harder. It’s also more expensive. The good news is that free-quote movers can give you an idea of the price before you commit to anything.

Moving in the Cold: The Do’s and Don’ts

Moving is hard, and moving in the cold can be even harder. In addition to the usual concerns, there are also the possibilities of ice, water, and snow to deal with.

We’ve talked about some of the ways to handle this in the paragraphs above, but there’s more to know about moving. You can learn more by visiting our site. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns or are in need of local movers.