Moving safety is more than just about preparing for the physical toll. It’s also about protecting your identity and your kids during this time of upheaval. Here are three easy steps to a safer move.

3 Easy Steps to a Safer Move

Step 1 Protect your Body

Back injuries are some of the most common moving injuries. It’s essential to protect your back on moving day.

  • Prepare your body by stretching on moving day. Get them ready for what you’re about to put them through.
  • Always lift with your legs — not your back.
  • Watch your fingers. It’s easy to get your digits wedged in between walls, doors, and other heavy objects.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate your muscles. Dehydration can cause injury to your muscles.
  • Keep moving tools handy such as gloves, dollies, and proper footwear.
  • Avoid wearing long or loose clothing that might get stuck or twisted while you move.
  • Load and unload boxes in the early morning hours when everyone is energized — especially in summer when days get hotter.

With just a little extra attention, you can pull off the moving day without putting your body at risk!

Step 2 Safeguard Your Identity

Moving day can be chaotic. One unexpected moving safety risk is identity theft.  Here are some other handy tips to safeguard your identity.

  • Use a lockbox while your current home is on the market.
  • Be sure to lock up all your important documents before home showings.
  • Make sure that personal documents and information are inaccessible to prying eyes. We recommend shredding any out-of-date information and documents.
  • At least ten days before the move, file a change of address with the Post Office. Also, contact credit card companies, banks, insurance, health care provider, and financial planners with your new address.
  • A month after moving into the new place, verify that all your old utility accounts are deactivated. You may even want to request a free credit report within the first 90-days to make sure nothing was accidentally left behind and accessible.

Take care to protect your valuable personal data, whether it’s a file cabinet, computer, or even the trash.

Keep Your Little One’s Safe

Moving is a high-energy, high-stress situation. It’s easy to lose track of a curious toddler for a minute. It only takes a minute for your little one to grab something risky. Also, consider:

  • Keeping all tools and tape out of reach of small hands.
  • Store medications in a taped box until you’re ready to put them away.
  • Move cleaning supplies out of reach or stow them away in a child-proof cabinet.

While it’s true that moving can be a challenging experience, it doesn’t have to be a dangerous one. These steps can help keep your family safe during and after your move.

The Safer Move

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