What types of moving companies are out there? Which one is best for me? Will it be a professional moving service, self-move, or something in-between?

The Adventure of Moving

Relocating is an epic journey that takes you to a brand-new beginning. Every journey begins with a step. The first step in your moving adventure is to choose how you will get there with all your belongings.

Let’s take a look at different types of moving companies to help you choose what’s right for your adventure.

Types of Moving Companies

The classification of movers differs according to the types of service they offer and the distance they operate within.

Local Moving Companies. Also known as intrastate movers, a local moving company works within the same state, usually within a 100-mile radius.

Long-Distance Moving Companies. These types of movers are equipped to handle moves that exceed 100 miles.

International Moving Companies. If you’re moving from one country to another, you will need the help of an international moving company.

Commercial Moving Companies. Commercial moving can be a complicated process than a residential move, and much more expensive. This type of relocation requires excellent planning because “business as usual” will be limited until the end of the relocation process.

Car Transportation Companies. If you don’t want to drive your vehicle to your new location, you can use the services of a professional car transporting company.

Full-Service Moving Companies. Full-service movers will handle everything from start to finish. This service includes: packing all your personal belongings, disassembling furniture, carrying and loading everything onto the truck, unloading the truck, unpacking, and putting everything in its place in your new home.

Specialty Moving Services. Some very delicate, valuable, or difficult to move items require special care and need to be handled by trained, experienced movers. Hire a specialty mover for pianos, pool tables, hot tubs, safes, antiques, artwork, and more.

Partial Moving Services. Partial moving service is the way to go if you only need movers for a specific task such as moving items to storage, packing oddly shaped or fragile objects, moving heavy furniture, and more.

Self-Service Moving. Don’t want the stress of driving a big rental truck? Self-service moving might be the way to go. You can ask for a moving truck or mobile storage container.

Truck Rental Services. Renting a moving truck is for you DIYers out there. For this type of move, everything is up to you (packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking).

Regardless of what you want to move and to what extent, there’s a moving service that will provide what you need.

Moving Services

Different types of moving companies offer specific services and specialize in certain types of moves. When planning your relocation, make sure you research all the available options thoroughly so that you can choose the movers that best suit your needs.

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