Are you relocating out of state but aren’t sure what challenges of moving long-distance you’ll run into? Keep reading to find out what to expect and how to solve the problem.

5 Common Challenges of Moving Long-Distance

Moving is difficult all on its own. But relocating long-distance complicates the process even more. Here are five common challenges of moving long-distance and the solutions.


Packing for a local move is much simpler than for a long-distance move. The risk of damage increases when traveling hundreds of miles.

Solution: Professional packing is the best option when moving long-distance if it’s within your budget. An experienced moving company will have specialized packing materials for a long-distance move. They will know how to take the extra precautions such as:

  • Double-wrapping your furniture in shrink wrap and new (sterilized) blankets
  • Using double-layered, corrugated boxes for maximum protection
  • Packing fragile dishware, electronics, and artwork in specialized boxes (ask about customer crating)


Long-distance moving quotes are based on inventory and distance traveled instead of the typical hourly rate with local moves.

Solution: Make a list and check it twice! Create an itemized home inventory list to know what you will move, donate, or sell.

Except, unlike Santa, you aren’t looking for who has been naughty or nice. You are ensuring all your items arrive at your new location.

Check the list before your movers leave so you can address any missing items right away.

Delivery Window

Delivery windows are a common challenge with a long-distance move. A delivery window is a range of dates during which a shipment is scheduled to arrive.

The standard practice for long-distance movers is a two-week delivery window.

Solution: In a time crunch? You may have a few options available.

  • Consolidated Shipping. The moving company loads the belongings of more than one person in the same truck making the entire move more efficient and cost-effective for both parties.
  • Express Trip. Well-versed movers that offer a private truck for an additional cost.

Some moving companies can greatly narrow the delivery window or guarantee a date for additional costs.


Unfamiliar destinations can mean unknown requirements, such as

  • Are there specific days of the week your new place allows for move-ins?
  • Do you need a Certification of Insurance (COI) requirement?
  • Is there space for the semi-truck to pull into?

Solution: Know your destination. Do the research and get a detailed scope of the move.


It’s extremely common to need storage when moving long distances. Many moving companies can store your items anywhere from a few days to months. Also, ask if the facility is safe and climate-controlled.

Solutions: Ask whether the storage facility is third-party storage or owned by the moving company.

Long-distance moves can feel like a lot of work and stress, especially when you hear so many stories of unexpected “bumps in the road” of moving far away. But RL Maxon Moving is here to make it easier with tips like these and an experienced team of professionals to help. Give us a call or request an estimate today. 479.756.0850