Sometimes relocating means combining storage and moving. If you are moving to another country, moving into an apartment until your new house is ready, or taking a short-term job, you may need to move some things into your new place and store others. Whatever the reason, we can help you prepare. 

Combining Storage and Moving Tips

Packing some items for moving and some for storage can be grueling. Remember to pay equal attention to the items you’re packing for storage as you do the things you are moving. Here are our top tips for combining storage and moving. 

Organize. Organize. Organize.

Taking the time to organize while packing your home will make you much happier in the long run. It will also make moving into your new place and storage unit easier and more efficient. 

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need

Before you pack a thing, clean out what you don’t need. Throw away or donate what you don’t need or want. Or have a garage sale. 

Clean It Before You Pack It

Clean everything before you pack it. Pests are attracted to food remnants and soiled materials. So, wash the dishes, clean your clothes, and anything else. Use cedar blocks or mothballs in boxes you plan to place in storage. 

Use Small Boxes or Containers

Try to pack as much as you can in small boxes or containers. It will help keep you organized. It will also make it easier for movers or helpers to load and unload the moving truck. And your storage unit will be neat and organized. 

Label Everything

Make sure that you clearly label everything. Include whether the box or container is going to storage or the new house. Labeling will also help you locate something in storage if needed.

Take Inventory

Make an inventory list of the number of boxes you store in the unit. An organized, systematic method of dealing with your boxes will make it a breeze when moving into your storage unit. 

Be Prepared for Anything

Moisture can be a problem for storage units. If moisture gets inside your storage, it can ruin your items. 

Never place boxes or containers directly on the floor. Elevating the containers will help prevent mildew and mold from seeping into your boxes. 

However, you can avoid this problem by choosing a climate-controlled storage facility. 

Contact Insurance Company

Check with your insurance company and storage facility to see what is covered while your items are in storage. 

Getting ready to move can seem like a huge undertaking, especially if you are simultaneously moving into a new place and a storage unit. However, if you follow our suggestions, it should be smooth sailing from this point on. 

Combining Storage and Moving? Hire Professional Movers

The best way to avoid stress, be organized, and avoid damage or injury is to hire pros to move you into your new home or storage facility. At RL Maxon Moving, we know exactly how to take care of your items. Contact us today for a FREE estimate on your next move. 479.756.0850