Moving over the holidays is no easy task. Besides all the seasonal distractions, you have to plan your relocation as well. Thankfully, moving doesn’t have to turn you into the Grinch this holiday season. Here are seven ideas to help make sure your move is merry and bright instead of stink, stank, stunk!

Declutter Your Home

You don’t realize how much clutter you’ve collected until it’s time to pack for a move. The first-holiday step is to tackle all of that clutter. It’s the perfect time of year to donate. Charities, such as Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and The Salvation Army will gladly pick up salvageable items for free.

Pack Early

The holiday season is busy! Make sure you give yourself some breathing room and start packing as early as possible. You can start by packing things that you don’t need to use right now. Then, try packing a few boxes a week until you’re finished. If you’re running out of time, expedite your moving process by hiring a local moving company that will pack all your belongings quickly and efficiently.

Maintain Holiday Traditions

It’s tempting to skip out on holiday traditions during your move. However, it’s important to try and maintain a normal routine during this time, especially if you have kids. Do what you can to enjoy holiday traditions while your family gets ready for the move.

Skip Hosting Holiday Parties

While keeping up with traditions is good, hosting a holiday party should not be one of them. It’s better to find a family member to host instead. The last thing you want to do while trying to move is to host a holiday event while trying to pack, creating unnecessary stress.

Make Holiday Decor Accessible

If you’re planning to decorate your new home when you arrive, keep the holiday decorations close. Label your holiday decor clearly. Ask the movers to put them in your main living room, so you’re not digging through dozens of boxes for them.  You may not want to unpack all of them, but at least you’ll have a few decorations to deck-the-halls with when you arrive.

Prepare for Wintry Weather

Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather on moving day. If you’re moving in, or to, a colder climate, it’s best to prepare for moving in winter. Have winter clothing handy. Watch out for slippery sidewalks and stairs. And don’t forget to have your heat and electricity turned on in your new home by the time you arrive.

Schedule Movers Early When Moving Over the Holidays

While the holiday season isn’t considered “peak moving time,” it can be a busy time for movers working around holiday schedules. If you’re planning to hire a moving service, we recommend booking them as soon as possible

If you’re planning a DIY move, be sure to take into account the holiday traffic when calculating your driving time and routes.

Happy Holidays!

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