Are you moving your business to a new office? Moving can be stressful. However, with a little bit of planning, organizing, and investing in a professional moving service you can simplify the process. Follow these office moving tips to make your next commercial move easier.

1. Start Planning Early

There’s no such thing as “winging it” when it comes to moving to a new office space. You need to start planning and packing as early as possible. Moving a business can be much more involved than moving a home. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the time it will take to move.

Also, you’ll want to plan ahead for where things will go in the new space. Use a blueprint to figure out office and common space layouts as well as any new needs you might have.

2. Appoint a Move Manager

You may decide to divide up the work (such as packing their own desk). However, it’s wise to designate one person who can facilitate and follow up on each step to make sure things are progressing as they should.

3. Donate

Moving is an excellent opportunity to downsize or upgrade. Consider donating old phones, office furniture, printer, copiers, and any stray office supplies.

4. Label, Label, Label

Keep track of your items as you pack by making sure everything is labeled clearly so you can quickly locate them when you’re setting up in the new location.

Using a label-based numbering system is an excellent office moving tips to remember, especially if you plan to use a moving company. Number your boxes and include a brief description of the contents. You can even assign a number to each associate’s workstation so all the items end up in the same place.

Here are some other tips about labeling.

5. Pack Computers and Cables Correctly

One of the biggest complications in moving to a new office space is disconnecting and reconnecting all of your computers, servers, phones, and data. Moving tech is a big job and not something you can outsource to movers. If you don’t have an IT Department to handle this part of the move, here are some guidelines on how to pack your technology and safeguard your data.

6. Insure and Invest

No matter how well you pack and move your business, accidents can still happen. Invest in insurance to protect your property from unforeseen complications. Opt for a rental insurance coverage plan if you plan to rent a truck and move yourselves.

If you’re going to hire professional movers, choose a company with insurance to protect your possessions. Also, check warranties on your equipment. A warranty might help protect your equipment in the event of an accident.

7. Book a Moving Company

One of the best office moving tips we can offer is to do book a moving company. Don’t forget to do your research first. Here are three considerations to keep in mind before choosing a moving company.

  • Get quotes from at least three professional moving companies.
  • Ask around for recommendations.
  • Make sure the company you hire is licensed and insured.

If you have the budget for it, hire a full-service moving company who will pack, load, unload, and unpack.

Office Moving Tips

Moving to a new office is a lot of work, but it’ll be worth it once you get settled in. If you need help relocating your office let us know how we can help. Check here for our service areas. Our team at RL Maxon Moving look forward to helping you move! 479.756.0850