Are you done moving? Congratulations! Now…what to do with all those boxes? We have a few suggestions. Here are seven great ideas for getting rid of boxes after a move.

7 Ideas for Getting Rid of Boxes After a Move

1. Donate Them to Charity

Check around your neighborhood to see if any organizations need some extra boxes. Local libraries or schools may need heavy-duty boxes to store books.

2. Recycle Your Boxes

Consider recycling your boxes instead of throwing them away. Check with your local waste management company. If they recycle, great! If not, check with a local recycling center.

3. Give Them Away

Reach out on social media and see if anyone needs free boxes. You can also give them away on sites like Craigslist and Freecycle.

4. Save for Another Move

If you know you’ll move again in the next year, or so, you could fold up your boxes and save them for your next move. Store them in the attic, garage, or storage unit. But, make sure that wherever you store them, it’s in a dry place. Humidity can damage the boxes, rendering them useless. Then, when it’s time to move again, you won’t have to search for or buy new ones.

5. Let the Kids and Pets Play

Kids and pets love boxes! Young children love to build forts or boxes and blankets. It’s also a great way to entertain the kiddos while you unpack. You can even join in on the fun.

Cats seem to love boxes more than toys. If you have cats or dogs, set a few out for them to play with or hide inside.

6. Use Them for Arts & Crafts

Many craft projects involve cardboard. Use them at Halloween to make costumes or decorative bats. At Christmas, you can make ornaments as a family or make a cardboard wreath. The possibilities are endless!

7. Ask Your Moving Company If They Want Them

Some companies participate in recycling programs or pass along used boxes to help other movers with financial needs. Some even buy back gently used and unused boxes. It never hurts to ask.

If they don’t, you could always try selling them on BoxCycle.

That’s it! Now, relax and enjoy your new home. You’ve earned it!

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