Moving into a new apartment or rental home requires a big upfront payment. Most landlords want the first month’s rent and deposit. Ideally, you’ll get that rental security deposit back. But a lot can happen between moving in and moving out.

Not sure how to get your rental security deposit back? Follow these seven steps to get it back in full without a fuss.

Steps to Getting Your Rental Security Deposit Back

Read Your Lease

Read your lease when you move in, and reread it before moving out. Your rental contract should tell you how and when you should notify the landlord. It should also tell you precisely what you need to do for a full return of your deposit.

Inspect & Document Everything

Unfortunately, “fair wear and tear” is subjective. Before moving in, do a walkthrough and take note of existing damage. Take photos of any holes or marks on the walls, as well as any general wear and tear. Email any concerns you may have to your landlord and keep a copy of that email.

Report Damages Immediately

During your lease, report any damages or any appliances malfunctions that aren’t your fault. Take photos and email your landlord. Keep records of everything.

Give Proper Notice

Rules for terminating a lease will vary from state to state, and even lease to lease. In general, most agreements require a 30-day notice. Not giving the appropriate notice may forfeit your deposit.

Clean Thoroughly

Give the place a deep clean. Go beyond general vacuuming. Scrub as thoroughly as possible. When cleaning, you should:

  • Clear out and wipe down the refrigerator inside and out.
  • Mop the floors.
  • Clean all of the toilets.
  • Scrub bathroom sinks and showers.
  • Disinfect kitchen counters, wide down the inside of cabinets, and clean the stove and oven thoroughly.

A clean home will encourage the landlord to give your rental security deposit back.

Repair Damage

Leave complicated repairs to the professions, but handle small fixes yourself. These repairs may include patching holes or touching up paint.

Return the Keys

Upon moving, return all keys to your landlord. Be sure to ask how they want them returned (i.e., mail or in-person). If you’ve lost a key, let them know as soon as possible so they can replace the key or locks if needed.

Following these suggestions will go a long way. So does being nice. Remember to be patient and polite.

With some planning and clear, considerate communications, you’re well on the way to getting your hard-earned money back and into your hands.

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