Are you planning a Valentine’s Day move? There’s no reason it has to ruin your holiday. Here are six ideas to make this Valentine’s Day special and romantic despite the transition.

1. Tuck Romantic Notes in the Boxes

Tuck little random love notes in the boxes as you pack for your significant other. When you get to your new place, they’ll find them as you unpack. They’ll appreciate the sprinkle of romance and reduce the stress of moving!

2. Give an In-Home Massage

Sore from moving boxes and furniture? There’s nothing that a romantic massage can’t fix. Giving each other a massage is a simple and romantic gesture you can do at home.

3. Bubble Bath, Anyone?

Break in the new tub with a romantic bubble bath (if your new home has a bath). Spend this Valentine’s Day soaking up some alone time and some bubbles during some romantic tub-time.

4. Order Take-Out

Don’t stress over cooking when moving around Valentine’s Day; order take-out instead. While you’re at it, grab a movie and curl up together and unwind together over this romantic holiday.

5. Turn on the Music

Do you have a special song? Play it and share a moment together. Or, put on some love songs as you unpack. It will help you get into the mood and help you be productive while unpacking. Maybe even throw in a slow dance or two.

6. Explore the Local Spots

If you’ve just moved to a new place, exploring the surrounding area could be a fun adventure for both of you. Check out the local flavor and explore your new city.

Enjoy a Valentine’s Day Move

If you really want to enjoy your Valentine’s Day, let a moving company handle the hard stuff so you can relax. Call RL Maxon Moving to learn more!