Whether you’re operating your business from your basement, garage, home office, or commercial premises of any size, there are several signs that it may be time to move your business to another location.

It May Be Time to Move Your Business

Is it time to move your business? Here are the top 5 signs you need to know.

1. Your Business is Growing

As your business grows, you likely want to consider moving to different premises.

It’s probably time to put some physical space between your work life and home life if you’re currently working from a home office and finding too many distractions during your working day.

You may be arranging more meetings and wondering where to hold them. After all, it’s not very professional to invite attendees into your spare room! There’s only so long that coffee shops will be appropriate too.

If you’re working from a small commercial office, you may need to upgrade your space as your business grows. For example, you may need to hire more staff, purchase more equipment, or have space to store stock.

2. The Location Isn’t Right

Are you struggling to employ and retain staff? Is your business is far from your main customer base? It may be time to move your business to a more convenient location.

Consider how easy it is to access your business by public transport if there is convenient parking close to hand and how long average traveling times take.

3. The Costs Are Too High

If you are struggling to keep on top of your rental payments each month it could be a smart idea to move to cheaper premises.

Similarly, when utility bills cause problems each month, there could be ways to save in a different location. For example, if your current property isn’t well insulated you could find that your monthly heating or air-conditioning bills are much more than they need to be.

If you own your premises, taxes might be causing you financial woes. Look for nearby areas with lower taxes and you could save significant amounts of money.

You may be thinking about downsizing to save money too.

4. Your Premises Aren’t Suitable

Whether it’s because of maintenance issues, accessibility, layout, or something else altogether, there are many reasons why your current premises may not actually be a suitable place from which to operate your business.

While it can be overwhelming to think about moving, staying in unsuitable office premises for longer than you need to can negatively impact your business.

Are there health and safety issues that can affect employee and customer health and potentially lead to liability? If the layout doesn’t work your business could fail to thrive and grow. Is your office accessible to regular visitors or customers? If not, it can create problems.

5. Your Industry Has Changed

Changes in your industry might be a sign that moving your business would be beneficial.

If you have lots of meeting rooms, for example, but find that most conferences are now held online, you could think about downsizing. Similarly, if significant numbers of your staff are working remotely, you may not need as much space.

Regarding shops, if online sales are much higher than physical walk-in sales, you may rethink whether you need to maintain a large physical store.

Moving Your Business

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