Did you know that assigning your kids moving tasks can be the best way to help them cope with the stress of relocating? It’s true! They may be half your size, but they can sort, pack, clean, and even label boxes. Make them feel like part of the team with these five moving tasks for kids.

Age-Appropriate Moving Tasks for Kids

Sort Out Their Belongings

About four weeks to moving day, start sorting belongings. Pick a day to play ‘Sort Out Your Belongings Game.” The object of the game is to declutter your home. The rule is that you can transport only the things you absolutely love and will use in your new house. Decluttering will save you time and money. Why not make a game out of it?

Here’s how it goes:

Have your kids sort their things into two piles.

  • Pile #1 is for the things they like and want to take with them.
  • Pile #2 should be the things they aren’t so crazy about and don’t plan to use.

They may be unsure about what to keep, so make sure you’re there for the final decision-making process. If donating to a local charity, consider talking about the concept to your kids. The idea of giving to someone less fortunate may add to their excitement about cleaning out.

Time to Pack

If old enough, have them pack their things after they sort them. You may have to show them how it’s done. Show them how to use packing paper and arrange the items in the box. Then, show them how to label them correctly.

It’s Cleaning Time

Cleaning is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Why not have your kids help? After they’ve sorted and packed their belongings, assign them cleaning tasks that are age-appropriate. The older they are, the more complex tasks you can give to them. Assign tasks such as dusting, wiping furniture, mopping, and vacuuming. Avoid giving them tasks that require the use of harsh chemicals. Leave those to the adults.

Pack the Essentials

Once you’re one week away from moving day, it’s time to pack the essentials box. The essentials box is a survival kit of items that your family members need that last week before the move and upon arrival in the new place. Every family member needs one, the youngest included.

Have your kids pack their toothbrush, toothpaste, pajamas, and an extra set of clothes. Also include a few toys or books. We recommend that you supervise this process. Your child’s idea of what’s ‘essential’ may not match up to yours. Be sure to pack medicines, vitamins, and a first aid kit.

Label and Decorate Moving Boxes

Decorating and labeling the boxes can be a creative and advantageous activity. Have your kids help you label the boxes using stickers or decorative tape. If their old enough, grab some crayons or markers and let them use their imagination on a box or two. The more occupied they become, the fewer distractions you’ll have and the more you’ll accomplish.

Moving can be fun, especially for the kids if you take a little extra time to involve them in the process, make it a game, and let them be creative. What other moving tasks for kids worked for you?

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