Summer is peak moving time. And while moving in the summer has many benefits, it also has some challenges, especially if you live in a hot, humid climate. We’ve been through many summer moves and picked up a few tips along the way. Whether you plan to DIY move or hire a moving company, here are thirteen summer moving tips that will make relocating easy breezy.

Summer Moving Tips

  1. Be fully packed and ready to transport on moving day.
  2. Arrange a sitter for kids and pets.
  3. Avoid peak temps of the day. Load the moving truck early morning or in the evening.
  4. Place items you’ll need right away in your car, not in the moving truck.
  5. Wear light-colored, loose clothing for moving day.
  6. Take a moment to calm yourself when you feel the heat and stress of moving taking over.
  7. Drink plenty of water. Sunstroke is no joke! Stay hydrated.
  8. Be organized with a detailed plan of what needs to be done and who will do it.
  9. Dispose of paint, detergents, and pesticides in an eco-friendly way. If you’re taking them with you, make sure to pack them in a smaller box inside a larger box to reduce the chance of leaks.
  10. Pay attention to items that shouldn’t go in a moving truck in the heat. Some items may melt, become damaged, or are dangerous.
  11. Ensure utilities are on in your new home. You’ll be glad to have a place to cool off between moving in boxes and furniture.
  12. Be kind to the movers. During extreme heat, they can get dehydrated easily. Have plenty of cold water available for your moving team as a token of your appreciation.
  13. If you’ve hired professional movers, trust them to do the hard work. After all, that’s what you’re paying them for.

The key to planning the perfect summer move is to put in the prep work and not let the challenges (or the heat) get the better of you.

Plan the Perfect Move

Relocating in peak moving times and temps isn’t a walk in the park. It’s full of challenges and heat. But, when you put these thirteen summer moving tips into action, you’ll alleviate some of the stress.

If you want to plan the perfect move this summer, hire a professional moving company.

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