Relocating is hard enough for couples and families. But if you’re a single parent, your move may have an extra layer of challenges and stress. But don’t worry. If you plan and take things slow, you can get them done more easily. Use these moving tips for single parents to help lower stress levels and even bond during the process.

13 Moving Tips for Single Parents

  1. Start planning well in advance.
  2. Plan with a checklist of every moving-related task—no matter how small.
  3. Organize your time. Use a detailed moving checklist and timeline you can trust.
  4. Keep calm and stay positive, and your kids will likely follow suit. Revel in the gift of a new chapter and let them see it.
  5. Prepare the Kids by discussing the move.
  6. Involve them in the process. Give the kids age-appropriate tasks.
  7. Call in help from family and friends.
  8. Donate unwanted or unused items.
  9. Research the area, including the neighborhood, schools, parks, and activities.
  10. Keep costs low by using free boxes and moving off-peak times if you use a moving service.
  11. Hire a babysitter on moving day.
  12. Make it memorable. Try some of these ideas to make it fun for the kids.
  13. Make the new place feel like home with new paint, family photos, and everything that makes your family a family.

Leave Your Move in Good Hands

Sometimes moving proves to be a Herculean task for most people, regardless of whether they’re single parents. Organizing a house for a move on your own can be more stressful than you can or want to handle. A reasonable solution is to hire full-service movers to take care of the move details for you.

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Happy Moving!