A successful move begins before the trucks arrive! Smart organizing and packing make moving easier and more efficient. Even if you have hired a professional packing team, you’re not entirely off the hook. Here are eleven easy ways you can prepare for the movers before they arrive on the big day.

How to Prepare for the Movers

1. Clean and organize. It’s much easier to pack and move when you don’t have laundry, dishes, or other items to clean and organized.

2. Purge! Sort through stuff to trash, give away, or donate. Remove these items before the packers arrive or gather into one pile marked clearly “DO NOT MOVE.”

3. Declutter. Packing and moving will move faster if your space is clean and open for the moving team.

4. Set aside items you want to move. These items might include your essentials bag or box with toiletries, medications, clothing, and any other personal items. Pack them ahead of time and clearly mark them.

5. Organize and labels rooms. Keep your master bathroom items in the master bathroom. Post signs to mark every room so the packers can mark boxes accordingly. Mark any items that will switch rooms in the new house with its own label.

6. Back up computers and tablets. Be sure to back up any important computers or tablets using portable hard drives (and keep them with you) or on cloud storage.

7. Mark any high-value items. Clearly label valuable collector items or items with sentimental value so that the packers and movers take extra care with them.

8. Be upfront about expectations. Tell your packing team of any expectations you have. Make sure you’re available for questions. Do a walk-through of your home before and after the packing job to make sure it’s done to your satisfaction.

9. Let the movers where to park. Parking is an oh-so-important detail that’s often overlooked by the homeowner but is at the forefront of the moving company’s mind on moving day. More than likely, the moving service will call on moving day and ask where to park. However, it’s best to plan ahead. You’ll need to make sure the movers have a spot to park their large truck, especially if you only have street parking or a shared driveway.

10. Plan ahead for pets and children. With having a crew of movers in your home, keeping an eye on pets and children may prove challenging. Consider hiring a babysitter for the kiddos. For the pets, you can use crates, confine them to a room, or enlist someone to watch them.

11. Have cash on hand for tipping. Do you have to tip your movers? No, of course not. But if they do an excellent job and you decide to, you’ll have the cash on hand. 

Put in a little legwork ahead of time, and you’ll have a smooth and successful move. For more tips, check out some of our other helpful articles. And when you’re ready to book your move, don’t go it alone! Get moving with RL Maxon Moving. We’ll be with you every step of the way.