Are you moving the office to a new location? Don’t forget to notify your clients. Here are ten ways you can tell your customers before the big day!

1. Post a Sign on the Door

The most basic and simple way to let your customers in on the move is by posting a business relocation sign. Be sure to include the date you’re moving, new business address, contact number, email, and people to contact. You may even want to invite them to the new location by adding ‘please visit our new location’ or to a grand opening ceremony.

2. Give out flyers with the receipts and invoices.

Attach half or quarter page flyers to customer invoices or receipts the month of the move. Don’t forget to include all the information they’ll need to visit you at your new location.

3. Send out emails.

Save on paper and notify your clients via email. You may also want to include an email response announcing the possible delayed response time while you’re setting up computers or other devices at the new office.

4. Announce the move on your website.

Your company website is an excellent way place to notify your customers that you’re moving the office. You can add a banner on your home or contact page so any potential clients via the web stay informed and can plan their communication accordingly.

5. Activate voice-mail notifications.

Set up a voice mail notification on office lines so that customers who call in can take down the new address during and after the office move.

6. Update your address for online and offline marketing avenues.

Don’t miss important communication with your clientele. Be sure to update your address on your website, business directories, social media pages, Google Business, and business cards.

7. Make it local news.

Consider a press release to local news venues. Make sure that it includes all the relevant information such as date or relocation, new address, contact number, email, and people to contact during the moving process.

Also, contact your Chamber of Commerce in the old and new location to request they make announcements.

8. Post it on your social media.

Keep your clients updated before and during your move with updates like ‘We are Moving!’ and relocation pictures. Be sure to include the updated business address in posts and social media page information.

9. Mail postcards announcing the move.

Direct mail via postcards may seem a bit outdated. However, it’s still effective for some businesses.

10. Host a Grand Opening celebration.

Attract new customers with a Grand Opening Celebration in your business’ new territory. Grand openings are extremely valuable for restaurants, salons, and retail stores. Even if your company doesn’t serve customers onsite, you can show off your new facilities, services, or products you offer.

Make Moving the Office a Big Deal

Make it a big deal. Generate excitement on every piece of content that you announce it. It should be as bright and noticeable as possible and make it feel like a big deal.

Last, but not least, tell them ASAP! Start letting your customers know far in advance to the actual moving date.

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